Baby Reflexology Classes

Baby reflexology is a powerful tool to have under your belt as you welcome a baby in to your family. There are so many benefits of this gentle touch therapy for babies, it is a great skill to learn to support the wellbeing and development of your baby.

Benefits of Baby Reflexology:

  • A lovely bonding exercise for parents and babies
  • Very soothing as it works the baby’s nervous system
  • Helps relieve digestive issues which are common in this age group
  • You can work specific areas to relieve specific symptoms
  • Helps with pain management for when baby is teething/ unwell
  • Promotes good, restful sleep
  • You can perform baby reflexology anywhere so its very accessible

Baby Reflexology Classes:

I run baby reflexology classes from my home treatment room in Killeedy, West Limerick. These classes run each Friday morning (10am-11am with optional chats and refreshments after).

Classes run throughout the year. Message me to book.

The cost for the 4 classes (including take home manual, organic oil and refreshments) is €100, and you can claim back part of the cost from your health insurer.

baby reflexology classes